LeLa Becker

LeLa Becker is an international inspirational author, confidence and dating coach for women and a traditional tantra teacher. She has devoted her life to deep soul transformation and she is honored to share what has touched and transformed her with you, on this path.
At the core of her work, she is here to expand your mind, body, and soul. She helps you breakdown conditionings and narrative that create limiting beliefs resulting in not living your most passionate self. Her current work has taken a niche into the awaking of empowering women to find love within themselves to be able to find love with a partner. LeLa is on a mission to help people wake up to their true potential in this life.
She encourages people to live a life that loves them back.


LeLa is certified in Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Quantum Meditation and Holistic Healing. For the past decade, she has devoted her transformation and apprenticed with Shamans, Tribal Elders, Babas, and many spiritual teachers around the world.

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