You've experienced that "ah-ha" moment?

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your path?

 Passionate Path Coaching can get you there!

Beauty Inside & Out (BIO) Life Style is a community of coaches with varying expertise and with the same passion; To help you make your dreams come true.


We specialize in physicality & movement for all bodies, overcoming drug & addiction, improving financials, manifestation, breaking through barriers that hold you back, making a change in your career or life, finding the perfect partner, breaking up with a life that is not suited for you, finding the life that you were put on this earth to achieve.


We encourage and instill the faith to jump, into the life that you have always dreamed, even if you do not see the net. We believe that the universe is there to support you in whatever makes you happy.

The best part of being a BIO member is that you will have access all of our coaches and online classes, while receiving discounts on natural products for your mind, body and soul.

Once members find the coach that shares their same vision that can dig in deep and start the transformation process.

Its so worth it!

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"Lela speaks to you like a best friend full of insight.

She is warm, welcoming, supportive and makes you feel heard.

No dream is "ridiculous" to her - she truly wants everyone to live a life they are passionate about, no matter what that looks like and being around that kind of energy allowed for such a safe space to unfold in front of her during our session together.


Perhaps the most impressive thing about her coaching, was the detailed, personalized follow up she sent to both my husband and me a couple days later after reflecting on our time together. She offered ideas on paths, classes, mantras that would support each of us individually on our journey to a life of our dreams and I couldn't be more thankful.

She is a true gem!"

Lindsay C., Seattle, Wa

"Since our work together there has been A LOT of stress and challenge thrown my way. These are the moments when I can truly see the value of life coaching work. The healing experiences and tools you have provided me make room for clarity and calm when the life tornados rampage my inner peaceful village. Thank you for that!"

Julee Y., Seattle, Wa

"I want to thank LeLa Becker for the encouragement to become a yoga teacher"

Living the Intuitive Life by Tonya Madia 


"In this system I can just "BE" yoga, instead of "doing" yoga. Its great! I love it!"

-Marisa M, Seattle, Wa

"I knew talking to you would make me feel better. Thank you!"

Amanda K., YS, Oh.

"Lela is such a vibrant soul. Full of creativity, passion, love, and life. She makes me giggle over brunch, pulls me up when I am sad, reminds me of my self worth, and inspires my creativity. I love how she shares her honest story with the world."

-Danica Yoga, Seattle, Wa.

"I am still buzzing after our session.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Lynn A. Seattle, Wa

"You are making my dreams come true!"

Moni S, Chicago, IL

"Each time I've  contacted LeLa for guidance, I was pleasantly surprised. Her words of wisdom in ayurvedic healing have always brought me the relief I needed. From spices to breathing, beverages to body poses, LeLa always seems to know just the right things to recommend. Talking with her is more than a consultation....its a fellowship."

Denise T. Fairmont, Wv.

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