Beyond Tinder: Which Dating App Should I use?

It’s 11:30 at night. You have just come home from a night of hanging out with your best group of friends. Two of whom have had the best marriage for the last six years. Two who have been dating for the last 4 years, and nobody can imagine how in a sea of humans they found each other, because in your eyes they are absolutely perfect matches for each other. The other two just met and they cant stop smiling at each other. Then there is you. The one that is always single. The third wheel. The one that looks at love or a perfect partner as a foreign concept. You start to wonder “what is wrong with me?” “why do others get to have love and I don’t?” It even slips out of your mouth “I can’t believe I’m ____ years old and still single. I never thought this would be my life” This is not to say that you haven’t tried. You play the online dating game. You go on dates. Sometimes you even fall in love for a while but nothing seems to stick. You ask the universe “why?” You fall onto your couch, pull up tinder, and swipe, swipe, swipe. There’s a feeling of knowing that your person is out there but what is standing in the of them finding you?

According to the laws of Quantum Physics and the study of Human Behavior, the answer is quite clear. Either you are not completely clear about who you are as a person and/or you do not know what you want out of a partner. These are the two most important concepts in finding your match. If you do not know what you want then how can the universe know what to give you? We all know that everything is energy. Everything vibrates at a certain energetic frequency. When two energetic beings are vibrating at the same frequency then those frequencies will attract. If you are the type of person that simply floats through life without emitting an intentional frequency then those that you attract will also be vibrating at that frequency. This is a perfectly fine way of living but if you want more out of life you will have to learn who you are, what you want, and how to sustain the frequency. Thus attracting a person or events into your life that vibrate at your level.

“Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself.

Learn to rest in that place within you. That is your true home.”

The highest vibrational frequency is LOVE. And, deep in our hearts we want to love and be loved in return. Although the Beyond Tinder series of article outlines steps to putting your best foot forward into the dating world. Going out and actually dating is the very last step in the process of finding love. If you are interested in diving deep and discovering the steps in which one should do to solidify the manifestation of true love please visit The Swipe Right Project. My mission, in this life, is to help women discover who they are, what they want, and how to find their love vibration. I am a Personal Freedom Coach, a hopeless romantic, and the creator of The Swipe Right Project. Remember we must be able to love ourselves before we can love another. We must keep moving forward to find the love we deserve in this life.

On which app should I put my attention?


Tinder is a fun game. We swipe according to a picture. Rarely do we look at the description-if there is one. When we match with someone we feel validated and liked. It is my experience that only about 30% of people will take the time to reach out and create a date. If they do, the matches are very superficial and short lasting. I suggest Tinder, if one is looking to experience a variety of people and dates. I do not suggest Tinder if someone is interested in finding their perfect match.


OKCupid is for the more serious seeker. It is an app where one can know more about their potential matches. The bios of people are more in depth and the questions asked will give a match a percentage to compare with potential matches. Most people that match on OKCupid will create a date and more than other apps find a suitable match.


I am a big fan of Hinge. I like this app because instead of swiping, it creates an opportunity to start a conversation. I believe that the rate of matches are higher because of this feature.

Meet Mindful:

Meet Mindful is a sweet app in the sense that one’s bio is more about service and spirituality. I believe this is where a lot of friendships and connections are had, but not potential love.


I like bumble because it gives you an expiration date to talk with your match. If you match, then you have 24 hours to start a conversation or that match will be removed. Action taken will only result in finding your person.

HER (women seeking women): HER is an app dedicated to women who are interested in matching with women. It is an adequate app for experiences people in the LGBTQ community.

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