I hope all your dreams come true

"Happy Birthday. I hope all your dreams come true."

"Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day"

"Happy Birthday. I love you."


Yesterday I celebrated my 43rd birthday. I cannot even believe it! Forty-three years alive, experiencing, this life. Forty-three years young. Forty-three years of wisdom packed into this body, mind and soul.

On this day, I was showered with well wishings from some of the most amazing people in which I have had the privilege of crossing paths. People that knew me in my twenties, during my travels, in my lowest of times, and the moments when light poured out of me and my path became so clear. I was riding a "love high" all day yesterday and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

This morning i woke up and looked at my phone and the well wishings were no more. As if a drain was unplugged and they took their turns swirling down and away back to where they came. The last one leaving and I could hear a faint statement, something to the effect of "see you next year".

I started to think would we live in such a wonderful state of being if we passed out well-wishings every day? Why wait once a year? Why not contact a friend just to tell them how much you love them? Tell them "I love you" just because today is a new day and the sun is shining. let them know, from the depths of your heart, how much you wish for all their dreams to come true on a thursday and just because.

Our energy is like a stone thrown into a puddle. The ripples will wrinkle out and rock somebody's boat of life. Maybe is helps them become unstuck? Maybe it makes them smile? maybe....just maybe it creates a better world for us all.

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in one drop."

Well wishings and good energy to you all.

May all your dreams comes true.

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