What to pack when traveling to India
Excerpt: "Dave had the opportunity to travel to India but had absolutely no idea how to start. Like most people, Dave and I thought that traveling to India might as well been like traveling to the moon. He asked me the same questions that I had when I was researching my future travel plans. Where do I start? What do I take? What can I expect? And where should I go? We sat over mochas and he scribbled down my advice. It was in this meeting that I realized people could benefit from my knowledge. This booklet is based on my opinion, knowledge as a holistic therapist, and things that I learned through trial and error on my first trip to India."

This ebook covers the essential items needed to be safe and healthy during a trip to SE Asia, including India.
*How to Travel within the country
*Best Apps to download to make your trip easier


Use this as your guide. Learn from 15 pages of a health experts knowledge.

Travel. Be Happy. Healthy. And, Safe!

A Wholistic Guide: Traveling to India

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