How to Become a Life Coach:

Being a coach is the best feeling in the world. When you can watch a light burst open inside someone, it is nothing short of magnificent. When you see a smile slide across their face. When you can watch them in the world doing and being everything that makes them happy.  This book is a collection of my thoughts, experiences, and a collection of contracts, agreements, pricing structures and guidelines to streamline your coaching practice.

My name is LeLa Becker. I am a Life Coach. What does that mean? If you have ever thought about being a coach and don’t know where to start, or if you are trying to figure out your ideal client, or if you already have a coaching practice and want to attract the right kind of client, then this book is for you.


What's Inside?

5 Interactive & Effective Exercises, Recommended Links, Books & Resources, plus 74 pages that cover the following

Ch 1: What is a coach?

Ch 2: Becoming a coach

Ch 3: Your Mission Statement

Ch 4: The Two Way Street: Friends or Clients?

Ch 5: Know Your Value

Ch 6: Getting Comfortable with Charging

Ch 7: Pricing Structures

Ch 8: How loing does it take?

Ch 9: You are not the only one.

Ch 10: How long should the sessions be?

Ch 11: Do your homework

Ch 12: Write a plan and throw it away

Ch 13: Go with your gut!

Ch 14: Nobody can do it alone.

Ch 15: Creating packages

Ch 16: What to do in group coaching calls

Ch 17: Client Welcome Packets

Ch 18: Choosing your clients

Ch 19: How to request a testimonial

Ch 20: Sample contracts to fit your style

Also a bonus gift, just for you, at the end!


The Little Secrets Behind Becoming a Life Coach

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