Naturally LeLa came to me in a dream in 2001. I had been playing with alchemy all my life. I was fortunate to have grown up in a family of witches and alchemist. Amazing people that passed down the knowledge of changing material states into something healing. I grew up combining rich oils and butters and infusing them with herbs from our garden. When I officially started selling Naturally LeLa in 2002 I used recipes that were handed down from my ancestors and through meditation I was able to tap into a universal understanding of excellent bath and beauty products.

We have always been a good karma company. We only use the highest quality and organic ingredients. We have never tested on animals, only volunteer hippies. And, all of our products are always made with a clear head after meditation in a devotional state of mind. Naturally LeLa products are made with love, good energy and your health in mind. 

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All of our products are made with 100% natural, non-toxic, chemical free and organic ingredients. They are made without Artificial Coloring (FD&C), Solvents, Phthalates (DEP/DEHP), Lead (found in most Lipsticks), Dioxane (Found in most soaps and shampoos), Formaldehyde (an-anti-bacterial agent), Artificial Flavorings, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (cancer causing agent), Mineral Oil, Synthetic Chemicals, Artificial Preservatives (parabens & ethanols), Pesticide or Herbicide Residues.

"Your lip balms are the only thing I trust on my kids sensitive skin. I use it for everything: Chapped faces, sensitive noses, and sore lips. Thank you."

-G. Helmick

Seattle, Wa

"Your lip balms are super light and not sticky. Looks like lip gloss. I put it on top of my lip stick to get the shine. Plus it conditions my lips and it's super healthy. Please I need more. I'm addicted."

-A. Bay

San Francisco, Ca
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