4 weeks (8 hours)


Swipe Right!

If you want to stop wasting your time and find the love that you deserve.

is for you!

This is not a matchmaking service. It's a deep dive to break open the barriers that block you from attracting the love that you deserve.

"it works!!"

You deserve more!!

Who is The Swipe Right Project for?

The woman who is tired of swiping right and only ending up on dates that are all wrong

The woman that doesn't understand internet dating. But, also realizes that it is a way to fast track love in her life.

The woman that knows she is worth the right kind of love!

Countdown until the next symposium starts

We start every 1st Sunday of the month. Live & Online

11-1p. pst

"Lela speaks to you like a best friend full of insight. 

She is warm, welcoming, supportive and makes you feel heard.
No dream is "ridiculous" to her - she truly wants everyone to live a life they are passionate about, no matter what that looks like and being around that kind of energy allowed for such a safe space to unfold in front of her during our session together.

She is a true gem!"

Lindsay C., Seattle, Wa


"You are making my dreams come true!"


Moni S, Chicago, IL

Week 1:

  • 50 mins of Sexy Yoga© (Dress comfortable)

  • Journaling and Neuro-hacking (have a designated journal)

TOPIC: What is love?

Week 2:

  • 50 mins of Sexy Yoga© (Dress comfortably)

  • Journaling and Quantum Meditation (bring your journal)

TOPIC: Releasing Relationship Baggage

Week 3:

  • 50 mins of Sexy Yoga© (Dress comfortably)

  • Journaling and Quantum Meditation (bring your journal)

TOPIC: Manifestation

Week 4:

  • 50 mins of Sexy Yoga© (Dress comfortably)

  • Practical application. Submit our work and create an online bio

TOPIC: Mastering the Art of Online Dating

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